How It Works

We are here to help you feel better.

The Breathe Easy Home Indoor Air Quality System focuses on the source of your allergy, asthma and respiratory illness triggers – the air in your home.

Your certified Healthy Home Specialist thoroughly evaluates your home and designs a custom home improvement plan to reduce the quantity of allergens, pollutants and irritants in your home.

Here’s how it works:

Sealed Air Leaks

We seal up all those uncontrolled hidden air leaks throughout your house that bring pollen, dust and polluted air into your home.

Better Insulation

We upgrade your insulation to control moisture so that when temperatures vary widely mold can’t grow. (This saves energy and improves comfort, too.)

Humidity Control

We use smarter fan controls to keep your home comfortable while minimizing the growth of molds, mites, bacteria and fungi.

Filtered Fresh Air, Filtered Recycled Air

We use high-grade filters to clean all of your air, from outdoor air that contains allergens and pollutants to recycled indoor air that gets polluted from human activities.

Better Air Flow

We ensure that filtered air reaches you and your family in every room of your house, removing allergy triggers along the way.